Girl Band: ecco il video di “Pears For Lunch”

I Girl Band hanno recentemente condiviso il video del singolo “Pears For Lunch” tratto dall’imminente debutto “Holding Hands With Jamie“. Il divertente video racconta la nuova vita di un giovane che al posto della testa sfoggia un televisore d’annata: lavoro, amore e difficoltà legate alla sua “particolarità” saranno le tematiche su cui girerà il video.

“I thought it would be funny to have a character who selectively expresses themselves through ads, and stock footage that are supposed to represent ideals, the perfect couple, body etc. Ads are so emotionally manipulative that I liked the idea that you could thread together all the phony emotions to give a character some personality. He’s kind of liar in that regard, but so are the rest of us a lot of the time.”


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