Swans: un doppio album live per finanziare il nuovo lavoro

Gli Swans hanno prodotto un doppio album live “fatto a mano” intitolato “The Gate“. Una versione limitata a 2500 copie disponibile esclusivamente su younggodrecords.com.

Questo rappresenta un evento di raccolta fondi in vista del nuovo lavoro della band, come spiegato da Michael Gira:

“…Hello There, Michael Gira of Swans here. I thought that, since you signed up to our newsletter, you might be interested to know that the 2xCD live SWANS handmade fundraiser event/portal of support for our (in)glorious efforts is now up at this link: http://younggodrecords.com/products/the-gateThe live 2xCD is called The Gate. I believe it captures the live SWANS experience effectively. The woodblock print is by Nicole Boitos and I draw all over each one and sign it as well. Each one is unique. They’re numbered 1 – 2500 and won’t be available elsewhere… The upcoming album (as yet untitled) will be the last with this core group (comprised of my beautiful friends Norman, Christoph, Thor, Phil, Christopher and myself) and the subsequent (marathon) tour in 2016 will be our last together. As such, I am determined to make this album the most fully realized, cataclysmic, subtle and nuanced, heartfelt and inspirational, truthful and luminous recording that we have yet undertaken. As always, your valued (and quite necessary) support in this perhaps quixotic endeavor is sincerely appreciated. I love you! I thank you!…“