Chelsea Wolfe: ascolta “Vex”

Hiss Spun, il nuovo album di Chelsea Wolfe uscirà il prossimo 22 settembre via Sargent House. Dopo aver pubblicato il primo singolo 16 Psyche, l’artista statunitense ha condiviso un nuovo singolo estratto dal disco intitolato Vex, che vede la partecipazione speciale di Aaron Turner.

La stessa Wolfe parla così del brano:

“Every day, at dawn and dusk, a mysterious hum resounds in the deep sea for about an hour. The source of this hum is unknown, but it may be a kind of instinctual guide to the creatures who live in those dark depths, to rise and feed, surviving another day.

I follow my own hum, pushing forward despite anxieties, nightmares, and scavengers that try to pull me down into their depths. I also acknowledge my own fragility in contrast to my own strength and anger.

‘Vex’ began almost as a black metal song, with a pummeling blast beat, then Ben (Chisholm) and I stripped it back to a more industrial electronic sound. Once we were in the studio, Jess Gowrie’s drums and Troy Van Leeuwen’s guitar parts began to shepherd it back toward its heavy origins.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted Aaron Turner’s voice somewhere on this album, and could hear him in my head on ‘Vex.’ I had already recorded my vocals for the song but decided to send it to Aaron without them on. Happily, the first time we played it back with both vocal parts they fit together in a very compelling way.”