Small Jackets: ecco il video di “Get Out of My Way”

Dopo l’ottimo quarto lavoro in studio (IV) sotto Transubstance Records, tornano gli SMALL JACKETS con un video nuovo di zecca! “Get Out of My Way” è l’ultimo singolo inciso dalla band Romagnola, già presente nella compilation #HARDROCKPARTY vol.2, edita dalla Vrec (2016).

“Get Out of My Way” Lyrics

It’s the same who said a shadows is fine
It’s the same who said now I’ve got the sweet line
This is what I was, now I’ve had enough of what I’ve heard
and all along the way I knew i’d better stay alone

This is the search of reason
the dirty fight inside myself
now i’m ready for my way
get out of my way
it will be great
get out of my way

you think it’s right, when the uprising comes
but your soul is still falling in the dark
chained man be ready
for many times your own readiness has saved your life
It’s time you go to the hell

Raised one more time and run,
and don’t forget: Keep on doing,
keep on moving, keep on proving, keep it loud!!!!

get out get out get out of my way
get out of my
get out get out get out of my way
get out of my
it will be great, it will be great….

Music video by Small Jackets performing “ Get Out of My Way ” from the compilation #HARDROCKPARTY vol.2 (Vrec). © 2017 Fabio Giardini /Davvero Comunicazione.
All rights reserved.

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